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The Power of Patches

How symbols give us strength...

We all want to feel good about the goals we have achieved, and visible representations are an excellent way to remind ourselves (and others) of our accomplishments. This is why Scout patches are so powerful. All scouts learn that when they work hard to complete something, they should be proud - and badges and patches and pins signify this. Growing up as a Girl Scout, I remember feeling wonderful every time I was presented with one.

But in today’s busy world, it can be difficult for parents to find the time and resources to affix these hard-earned symbols to their child’s shirt/vest/sash. And while many patches can be ironed-on, the use of glue limits the ability to hand down outgrown clothing. That’s where I, your seamstress, can help! I love sewing on patches, and have done so for my own boys and my clients’ children. Following the scouting guidelines, I make sure that all the items are properly placed. With their uniform embellishments complete, your child can stand proud and look their best.

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