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How to avoid Bridesmaid Dress Drama

Gone are the days when bridesmaids had to go to a bridal store to find a gown! In fact, most of my bridesmaid clients purchase their gowns from online retailers. Many companies, in an effort to ensure the best fit possible, have "try on" policies so that bridesmaids can try multiple sizes and styles before finalizing their purchase. However, this business model is not perfect, and many women still need alterations. The most requested alterations are hemming and shoulder strap adjustment.

If you are shopping for a bridesmaid gown, the most important considerations are coverage and comfort. The right undergarments should be snug but comfortable. Some women find that their gown's built-in cups are sufficient, and some find that they benefit from adding cups. If you need more support than your gown alone provides, a strapless bra or bustier is a wise purchase!

Only commit to a gown if you can zip it up all the way; most companies do not include enough seam allowance fabric for their gowns to be let out. (However, bridesmaids gowns sold by David's Bridal and Azazie do include extra fabric - this is why Azazie is my favorite!) It is better to buy a slightly too-big dress and have it taken in then to stuff yourself into a tight dress and risk having a zipper pop or wardrobe malfunction. And you'll want to be able to move freely to show off your moves on the dance floor!

Weddings can be wonderfully joyful, but oftentimes the preparation for them can be stressful. If you are in need of alterations on your bridesmaid gown, give me a call or text at (412)223-7925. I will help you to walk down the aisle feeling beautiful and confident!!!

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