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Tis the Season to Sparkle!!!

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I love how fun it can be to dress for the Holidays - beautiful clothing can help ease us into winter and get us in the festive spirit. But with all the variety out there, what should we be looking for when it comes to SPARKLES??? I'm here to tell you what sort of pieces will bring you joy for years to come, and what might only last this season; the secret lies in how it shines...

My favorite way to shine is by wearing knitwear that has the sparkle woven into it with metallic thread. These garments hold up the best over many wears and are usually machine washable. However, make sure you try it on to make sure it is not too itchy before you remove the tags! Alterations on these types of garments do not typically require any extra steps.

With a huge variety of sequins and beads out there, you can find something you really love. But before purchasing, check to see how they have been applied - if glued to the fabric, they risk falling off, especially if improperly laundered. A continuous thread, if broken, can have you spilling your glitz all over the place! Your best bet is to go with sequins and beads that are knotted individually or at regular intervals. And pay attention to the care tag, as many items will be hand wash only. Alterations typically cost more since it takes more time and effort - not all seamstresses will sew beaded gowns, but they don't scare me!

Another way to add pizzazz to clothing is by using glitter. Glitter cloth uses glue to adhere glitter to it. Wearing more inexpensive glitter fabrics can lead to the wearer leaving a trail of glitter in their wake - if it rubs off easily, it's not worth purchasing. While these fabrics can usually be spot cleaned or hand washed, they can almost never be ironed or steamed, since the heat causes the glue to fail and the glitter to fall off. Alterations on these garments can therefore be difficult.

I wish you a very successful winter shopping season filled with good finds and beautiful clothes!


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